We close ourselves into the studio and set things up. Then we think of a theme and then we play. And play. Nothing exists prior the first note. The resulting noise is what the universe gives us. Chaos out of nothing, order out of chaos. The molecules are meant to dance.


Previously unreleased!

Farmyard Revolution

The Creatures Strike Back at their masters and opressors. None will survive.

Previously unreleased!

Betlehem Star

Keep on walking to the direction pointed by that bright star. You never know where you'll end up.


The Long Friday

Gospel according to RDS.

1: The Last Supper 2: Crucifixion 3: Resurrection

Landfill Hill

A grim tale of three youngsters driving up the landfill hill for a view of their coastal home town. And to bury a body.


Musical rendition of serious accidents.

1: Car 2: Train 3: Plane


A journey through the mind of a serial killer.

1: Knife 2: Shotgun 3: Chainsaw


Embrace the chaos.

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